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Wellness Programs & Education


Primary 8 x Session Term

Program Objective; to equip participants with a tool kit to create a mindful and emotionally healthy lifestyle by the end of the program. Participants will be equipped with critical knowledge and skill enabling them to build positive wellbeing habits while understanding key strategies to assist in coping with life’s challenges.


Friendships And Team Building / Meditation Practice

Awareness of Self

Mindful Colouring and Craft / Self Belief / Meditation and Breathing Practise

Acknowledgement of Support

Kindness / Positive Thinking / Meditation and Breathing Practise

Take Action

Food and Nutrition / Boot Camp / Meditation and Breathing Practise

Reflection And Journal / Yoga / Meditation and Breathing Practise

Secondary 8 x Session Term 


Program Objective; to equip participants with a tool kit to improve their emotional and physical wellbeing. By the end of the program participants should be able to identify activating and deactivating habits, rituals, friendships, influences, foods and environments.


Emotional Regulation / Meditation and Breathing Practise

Friendships and Relationships / Support Networks / Meditation and Breathing Practice

Vision and Barriers / Control / Meditation and Breathing Practise

Self Belief / Check Ins Meditation and Breathing Practise

Kindness / Gratitude / Meditation and Breathing Practise

Positive Thinking / Triggers / Meditation and Breathing Practise

Food and Nutrition / Wellbeing Domains / Meditation and Breathing Practise

Reflection and Ritual / Mental Health Strategy / Meditation and Breathing Practise


Our wellness programs are fully customisable to cater for the needs of our audience. We offer sessions ranging from a short vacation incursion, OSCH program incursions before or after school, right through to a 3 day Wellness Retreat. Working with our friends at My Mindful Year they have provided us with a wonderful junior journal resource which acts as the work book for our retreats and longer programs. 

In creating your program we work with educators and care providers/organisations to design a program that suits your needs and the participants best. Options are endless on what you can create. 

Team Building

Self Defence & Awareness

Mindful Colouring & Craft

Mindset & Mental health practices, meditation, positive thinking, goal setting, breathing

The Art of Kindness 

Friendship & Positive Relationships

Yoga & Dance

Nutrition for Wellbeing

Gratitude, Reflection & Ritual

As with all our programs, we aim to cater to your needs, if you would like further information around pricing and options we would love to hear from you 

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