Sports & Dance

We aim to work our programs in with traditional sports seasons as we find this engages participants in line with what they my be playing on the weekend or sports going on in their community. 

NRL, AFL, Rugby, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Baseball, Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Hip Hop & Jazz - the options are endless and our coaches are trained in various sports allowing us to customise your program. 

Wellness warriors


Our wellness programs have been developed targeting primary children and early teens. The kids will enjoy a variety of activities encouraging them to explore physical movement, conscious thinking & creativity.

Craft and games, mindset and mateship, emotional regulation, support networks, techniques and triggers, goal setting, yoga, meditation and crystals workshop and so much more. 

Specialised Clinics & Gala Days

Our specialised clinics work on specific skills and development for children and youths who have found their passion in a particular sport or schools/organisations that detect a need. 

These sessions would be specific to a chosen sport in smaller groups to allow coaches to aid participants in building confidence, skill and ability.


Bootcamp meets Colour Run - our well loved Rainbow Warriors program will have the kids moving and challenged lighting up the skies with clouds of colour. A fun program for all ages adding a twist to the general sports clinics.  

Water Play 

A twist on our Rainbow Warrior program and one for the warmer months we turn our games and challenges on their side and add water to all activities to cool the kids down and add a sensory difference.


Our Scavenger hunt encouraging team building and problem solving participants will embark on a hunt set to challenge them mentally and get them moving physically. A great holiday incursion or end of term/year celebration. 

Personal Coaching

One on One coaching session either in preparation for selections, supporting representative training or ongoing for those waiting to target difficenicies or improve further on identified strengths. 

Working with professional coaches with elite experience in the field. These sessions would benefit anyone looking to reach semi or professional levels of their sports. 


Our core development program aimed at players 12-16+ years aspiring to make it to representative levels and beyond in the game of AFL. Key development takeaways, specialist coaches, AFL Player Mentors & more. 

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